Redesign - flagship Magazine

In 2015, I redesigned the flagship magazine, Holyrood, with the goal of delivering a more compelling and accessible editorial product to our readers. 

The redesign achieved a refreshed visual identity for our publication, increased readability, and created an engaging platform for our newly re-envisioned content.  

A key element of the redesign included breaking the publication up into three distinct sections:
1) the long-read “heart” of the magazine characterised by story-driven feature designs, strong portrait photography, bold typography, and customised graphics  
2) a playful, visual section at the front of book called the “Fortnight” where readers can sample smaller data elements and short comment pieces on recent events
3) and the back of book, called  the “Insider”, showcasing our longstanding role as a brand at the centre of  Scottish politics

I also introduced two modern sans-serif typefaces to complement our classic headline serif; introduced a more flexible grid to allow for variable column-widths; adjusted the margins to maximise horizontal space and to free up more breathing room through the top of the pages; and developed a cohesive family of repeating design elements which add continuity throughout the editorial pages.

For the front covers and central features, the page structure is minimal to make way for story-driven design. The Fortnight and Insider sections were purposefully designed with a more rigid page structure for ease of layout and visual consistency from issue to issue -  cementing the visual identity of the magazine.  

Before redesign:

After redesign: